Commentary on the Seth Material by Jane Roberts

INTENTION> Let go and Let God “Don’t interfere with it”

A gardener plants a seed and gives it water, nutrients in the soil, nourishment, the sun shines and gives UV rays necessary for growth.

Once we plant a seed and have watered that seed, we need to  “not interfere with it”

We need to let it grow. Doing only what is necessary for that seed to manifest its own potential in this world.

We create the conditions for it to sprout and grow

Some seeds grow, some do not. That’s nature.

The unmanifest potential is there in the seed, the infinite intelligence is there already in the seed, we do our part, then get out of the way and let it happen.

I look at all the weeds in the garden here and think man, look at them go! There is no stopping them. I don’t have to do ANYTHING for weeds to grow and we get some real monster ones hear year round, some like six feet tall and I spend hours weeding the bloody garden. But I love it. Gives me something to do.

It’s like this with INTENTIONS, we create the condition, then get out of the way, giving a bit of work here and there but as Seth says “not interfering with it”

We plant that Seed in Framework 1, it journeys into Framework 2 where it grows and develops, then it shows up back here in Framework 1 almost like magic. But it takes what we call “time”. And sometimes ti don’t happen at all, or the unmanifest potential turns into something we don’t recognise, but still Intended into this world.

I’ve heard this idea expressed often by Wayne Dyer and other speakers as “Let go, and Let God”

I like this version better than “letting go and letting god” the “LET GO” version is more direct, it’s something you can do, you mentally let go, you switch your focus to others things in life and forget about it.

If you had a hope in your hand “LET GO” works. “Letting” doesn’t do shit. It’s always in the future, it’s never NOW when you are “Letting Go” or preparing to let go, it’s a BS excuse for not doing anything right fucking now.

In the Gita it speaks of  action and inaction, detachment from the fruits of ones labor.

The eternal Tao speaks of being one with Tao (the way), “it happens”

it is us not us that happens, but “it”. We move into alignment with the unseen order of things, we don’t expect the unseen to move into alignment with us.

The grace of God, or the Holy Spirit, moves THROUGH us, like an electric current moves through a wire, that energy needs a focus and an outlet to be of any use, otherwise it goes untapped, it is pure potential.

The seed WANTS to grow, we create the conditions… and allow it do what it does.

The sun gives of itself. The rain and water give of there metaphorical self. It goes on and on, Nature recycles everything, so even a seed that never sprouts is never wasted, it becomes fuel and food for the next plant, the next thing that grows from the unmanifest to the manifest.

The Holy Spirit moves through us, and moves through the seed. Everything in this world is an idea expressed. We find our own magical rhythm in life, by “allowing” rather than controlling or holding on to, or forcing anything.

In the river of life, we can go with the current, or lie back and glide along the water effortlessly, going with the current. Some people are always trying to go upstream, which is fine. But it’s very tiring. You can’t do it forever. It wears you out. Sometimes when we are tired or sick, we give up, we let go and let god. We trust in Life.

We let the river of life carry us, but then when we are well we go back to swimming upstream all the time, and wonder why things have to be so difficult.

They don’t.

Seeds want to grow. It’s their potential. They were born to do it. But sometimes it’s not.

We allow them to be what they already are, and let the water of life nourish the seed, allowing it to happen. Too much water kills the seed, not enough dries it out. Too much heat once it has sprouted can kill the plant, too little sunlight will also prevent the seed from its own potential or see it wither painfully and slowly.

There are some plants in the garden right now that are withering in the heat. I’ve want to do everything I can to keep them alive. But I’ve also got to step back and let what will happen, happen.

You can’t micro-manage the universe, or even the part of it that is YOU. You’ve just got to live each day the best you can.

Conditions have to be just right for the seed to grow.

But we don’t plant just one seed. We plant MANY seeds, some will grow, some will not.

Some plants will grow big and strong, others will wither and die before their time.

What are seeds, but ideas expressed. Nature’s abundance.

The seed is only one way the holy spirit expresses itself in this world. The seed is infinite in its potential.

Your ideas are infinite,

your self is infinite.

The holy spirit expressed itself through you also, but you have to allow it, and not block up that electric eternal torrent.

In your home, an electrical outlet is useless until you plug something into it. The electricity needs a conduit to travel along to power something, to conduct the electricity. Otherwise it’s just an ugly useless hole in the wall.

Spirit needs a conduit to be manifest in this world, and that conduit is your physical body, which is also subject to electrical,chemical, gravitational forces.

Your body, like the seed grows from the womb, into a baby, the baby into an adult.

Left alone, your body does what it does. It just needs some food, water, hot and cold, sleep etc, a bit of exercise and love and gets along just fine.

Your ideas… your beliefs grow like leaves and branches on a tree, each branching off into new directions, some withering, some flourishing. We have infinite ideas, and we are expressing them all the time. If we are paying attention, we want to grow more of those beliefs that are helping us in some way, and stop over-feeding the beliefs and ideas that are causing us excessive un-necessary suffering, that are holding us back from being “ok” with ourselves.

Self goes on expressing itself in time and space, on and on, growing and giving and recycling just like Nature does with the seeds and the trees. It never ends.

All those Intentions and manifesty…stuff. Well that happens anyhow no matter what we are doing. We can speed some things along, but everything happens about when it ought to, and we need not interfere with it. “Let Go and Let God”. It applies not only to the good times, but perhaps more importantly in the shitty times when everything is seemingly going wrong. It’s much harder to do then, so it’s better to practice while times are good and we’re feeling good. Then when times are not so good, it’s ALREADY as established habit, like exercise or watering the garden.

I can be super happy or depressed as fuck and it don’t matter. I’m still going the to water the garden. Which I mean literally, there is an actual garden right out the window behind this computer monitor. But, just about everything I’ve said here, you can take the word “Garden” and switch it with “Mind” or “Belief” and it applies equally.

To finish off, here’s a Quote from the old Jedi Master himself, Sethy McSethington



NoME Chapter 9: Session 863, June 27, 1979


  • Each being experiences life as if it were at life’s center. This applies to a spider in a closet as well as to any man or woman. This principle applies to each atom as well. Each manifestation of consciousness comes into being feeling secure at life’s center — experiencing life through itself, aware of life through its own nature. It comes into being with an inner impetus toward value fulfillment. It is equipped with a feeling of safety, of security within its own environment with which it is fit to deal. It is given the impetus toward growth and action, and filled with the desire to impress its world. [end quote]


COMING UP in 2018:

Some stuff on Changing Beliefs

A series of posts on Value Fulfillment

A Series on Dreams, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming

A series on Waking, Sleeping, Dreaming, Meditation and between states




Time Waits For Nobody

pac man keyboard 600.JPG

It’s December 24th,  2017 – but is it really?


If time is fluid and reality is what we perceive with our senses, has any “time elapsed” between my last post here in March 2016 and this one?

In a practical sense, YES.

In another sense, no.

Whatever I wrote in March 2016 and the months beforehand was what I felt then, and not what I feel now.

I took a break away from this blog, but not from writing (I write a number of other ongoing blogs).

I never lost the motivation, nor the interest.

There’s an existential longing within me that can never be fulfilled by any conversation or any experience in this level of reality. It’s Infinite Curiosity and Playfulness, and I made my peace with, or it, or myself or whatever you want to call it.

There are many drafts that I can easily complete, (even in my sleep) and many more topics to cover that flow through these hands into the keyboard and onto the infinite digital canvas before your eyes.

But where is the magic?

Where is the CONNECTION?

I love technology for connecting me to people I have not met in the physical world, and have had many various pen-friends over the years, some with actual hand written letters, others as email pen-friends, while others I’ve talked to over the humble telephone for months or years at a time, while having never met in person. They know who they are, and to them I am grateful.

Each of these relationships has enriched my life in numerous ways.

I’ve tried my hand at various online “communities” but find them often strange, hostile and alienating.

So I retreat and back away.

And then I return.

I try again, I feel poorly, or fail to connect in a meaningful way

(something I long for in all relationships, but acknowledge is not always possible when it’s a one sided longing)

and then I retreat again to familiar territory.

And then I journey fourth to new destinations,

and forget the old pathways that have grown stale and boring.

I have literally no idea who reads any of these articles, well there is one bloke called “Jim” I’ve talked with a few times, and I don’t think he will mind me mentioning his name, for all you know I’ve changed it anyhow. Thanks for reading Big Jim, and thanks for talking to me online telling me that you had read some articles, and for your wisdom and kind spirit. It means something to me, and I feel more… connected when people actually take the the time to communicate with me.

Not that it matters, I don’t write for a thank you, or some kind of reward or any of that BS. I write because I need to. Because their are ideas and feelings in my mind and heart of hearts that want to get out, so I let them, I give them permission so that they will leave me the fuck alone and I can go on with my life. Passion too I guess. Or whatever.

Writing is a lonely hobby, and I spend many an hour every week doing it. But I love it, it’s a peaceful time, meditative time, it’s also a mad manic time (especially if I’m drinking coffee or teeth destroying canned caff drinks) where I can fart something out of my mind  into the ether to be enjoyed or ignored by the masses. Well the small portion of the earths population that has an internet connection anyhow (hint, it’s not that many  when you consider everybody on the planet who currently exists).

Long story Short: I WILL BE…………..(shit – an Affirmation has turned up here….dirty filthy things….) I will be Revivifying and Rejuvenating this blog with new posts. I aim for one a month, but might sneak in two or more some months.

They will likely be shorter articles / blogs , or longer ones split up in to multiple parts. 

As I do tend to ramble on for many words, which takes up much attention, and concentration, which can be fatiguing.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.

So it will hopefully be more digestible, and always aiming to use language common enough that most folks can make good sense of it. “Demystifying the mystical” Wayne Dyer used to say.

Coming up Next: Some follow up posts on Dreams and Lucid Dreams,

My Experiences with a past life Regression Therapist (the scientist part of me poo-poos any of that sort of nonsense, while the dreamer says “why the fuck not, have a go mate”)

and more efforts at taking some of the Seth / Sethian concepts, ideas , frameworks and explaining them in practical terms, in digestible chunks and chucking in some of the actual exercises from various Seth books now that I have them printed out in a handy folder next to my bed for personal reference.

The Seth ideas and Framework are a Living Body of knowledge, and in my eyes should be talked about, because the only thing thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.

I bid you Adieu

“How long is forever?

…Sometimes, just one second”

forever and a day.JPG


Entities, Thought Forms, Avatars and Archetypes

Xmen Storm goddess

Gods, Goddesses, Avatars, Thought Forms, Real and Imaginary Personalities.


Whether awake or asleep, we can communicate with discarnate intelligences, we can experience thought forms in or out of dreaming states, Gods, Goddesses and Avatars and what have you exist on several levels.

You can talk to a person who is no longer incarnated on earth just as easily as you can talk to a fictional character such as Superman or Mickey Mouse. Every person, every thought, every imagining of a personality, leaves an impression on earth. Our collective ideas, thought forms, personalities and archetypes are there for anyone to interact with.

It is generally easier to encounter thought forms in your dreams, but you can also experience them while awake, or during states of meditation.

Having read of other people’s experiences I decided one time to experiment communicating with my deceased Grandfather and my deceased Uncle. They appeared to me not as physical forms, but as two bowling ball sized spherical orbs of energy, on either side of me as I sat meditating. I did not see them with my physical eyes, but with my eyes closed in total darkness I could both see and feel their presence with my inner senses.

I did not have what you would call a normal human conversation with these energies. It was more the impressions and feeling tone of their unique personalities when they had been alive, but the orb presence was who they had been and also something more.

I sat for perhaps 20-30 minutes communicating with these two presences, and during the whole time, felt loved and appreciated by these aspects of my Uncle and Grandfather, who both left this plane over twenty years ago. I only knew them as a kid, and I felt sad that I never got to know as an adult. My Grandfather’s presence was reassuring, he told me he was proud of me, but their were no words, only feelings that I directly perceived that indicated his communication.

energy ball 1

In this communication I got a sense of some time travel, that is, a portion of who those personalities had become after death mixed in with who they had been while alive giving them a particular presence that was quite unique. Seth talks about this sort of thing when he says that personalities continue to grow in and out of life, and as aspects / more personalities develop from our overall entity, they will sometimes go their own way, quite independent of the gestalt entity that spawned them.

I’m going to jump topics here, as I am tearing up a bit writing this, and it makes it hard to concentrate. I start getting pulled back into the experience again, like a magnet.


Anyhow, now a different example, and then my reasoning as to the “why” of any of this hullabaloo.

Last year, while researching some articles on Superheroes for one of my other blogs I listened to a podcast from one of the top comic book writers in the world talking about Archetypes, and how they are always there, and how different heroes and fictional characters are representations of those eternal Archetypes. He talked about how there is an eternal quality to anger or love or whatever. At any time, there is somebody in the world experiencing anger, and at any time there is somebody experiencing mad passionate love, and that quality is Aphrodite, that eternal quality is always there, and we all can tap into it, or any other eternal quality or archetype, god, goddess etc.

I decided upon an experiment (one similar to one I had done years ago, but not for this length of time)  for one month, every day my morning meditation would be on Superman. The idea of Superman, the character of Superman, the values of Superman, the Archetype of Superman.

Rather than just sit my bony butt on the floor at home, I went to a spot that overlooks the ocean on my morning walks on a small hill about twenty minute walk away from my front door. I sat there each morning for a month for between 10-30 minutes at a time, an average of around 20 minutes for each meditation session.

On the first few days I playfully imagined meeting and talking to Superman, much in the way a child would. I just imagined he was real. I sat with my eyes closed, as I get frequent inner visual data, and enjoy this process. Also it was too distracting to stay focused with my eyes open. My brain waves usually move into Alpha pretty quickly either way, but faster with closed eyes.

Superman as sun solar deity Frank Quitely

At first I just imagined the idea of Superman, talking to him etc.

And that is all it felt like, just imagining playfully this idea form. But the more I did this, the more the imaginary form of Superman, or more accurately, the idea or Archetype of Superman took over.

The idea form started speaking to me without me putting words into his mouth. During that one month period, where I did this process / meditation each day I had several interesting experiences.

Some were pretty ordinary and things I kind of already knew, like Superman’s personality and values etc from reading years of comics. I will add here that I alternated between talking with Superman, and imagining that I was Superman (shifting my perspective) and just contemplating what Superman represents. So really 3 types of focus, or 3 different perspectives, which gave me more to chew on during these meditations. You play with the idea, and then you crawl inside the idea, you see it from the outside in, and from the inside out.

Probably the most interesting experience, at least visually was when I was reminded of Superman as a sun god, or Avatar of the Sun. As a Kryptonian under a red sun on his extinct home planet, he appears as earthman/humanoid would,  with no powers. But in our galaxy, under a yellow sun he gains his superpowers, which build up in him as he stores solar energy – Superman is a living solar battery.

During the meditations where I encountered Superman as a living solar deity, I asked him what other solar deities there had been (I have no idea, I know some of the old Greek/Roman, Egyptian and Norse Gods – but not much else) he took me into the heart of the sun and there I saw 13 humanoid figures, who appeared in that form for my convenience, otherwise they would have been indistinguishable from the blinding  light of the sun.

I don’t remember all of the names, but he went on about them to some extent, also explained that he was a representative of the sun, and that the sun itself was alive, not so much as a personality as we think of it, but as a presence, that presence has manifested to me as a feeling many times over the years, before these “Superman Meditations”.

Ra egypt sun god kicking ass taking names 33

“I AM the fiery sun that always burns” is the closest I can describe the feeling in words. There really are no words however.

Several times in meditations (before I ever did the Superman experiment for one month), I was quite spontaneously drawn to the presence of the sun during morning meditations (perhaps because of the coming sunrise?)

At first I thought it was some kind of God/Goddess presence, and could not make sense of it. Only when I asked it “what it was” – rather than “who it was” did I get the repsonse / feeling “I AM the fiery sun that always burns”. I didn’t coin that term, a friend of mine did from many years ago, and it has always stayed with me as a phrase I just find quite poetic and beautiful.

Since then whenever I feel that presence the closest human analogue I think would be passion, mixed with what we call altruism, that is the feeling you get when you do something selfless for another person, because they are in need, and you feel passionate about that. The combination of those feelings is the closest I can get to describing the I AM Sun presence, a loving presence if you like, but not out of choice, but because that is its ultimate nature, to burn and create heat, radiation, rays of light that allow life and growth on earth along with water, oxygen etc.

There is a sense of enormous cosmic co-operation in that Sun presence. It’s completely inhuman and alien and strange in a way, yet in other ways, it’s like pure kindness and service, a being of a singular purpose, to support not just earth, but the entire solar system as the light and anchor of this system, a manifestation of the energy of All That Is. It’s a gaint bloody ball of flame and heat and gas and plasma and whatever else, it’s also this intelligent thing that is just alien to our minds, and a bit beyond us.

Kratos god_of_war_wallpaper_by_tussor

Now, you can talk to people, living or dead, Gods, Goddesses, Avatars, energy personalities, entities or entirely fictional characters if it pleases you.

You start by playfully imagining you are doing so. As you keep doing this, you will start to communicate with the essence of whatever you choose to talk to.

In Chaos Magic – I’ve heard it referred to as focusing on one idea/personality and “kicking everything else out of your head.”

So if you wanted to talk to Elvis, you’d play Elvis music, think about Elvis, perhaps put on the fanciest piece of clothing you own – anything that puts you into that altered state where you are receptive to communication and inner feeling experiences.


If you wanted to talk to a Tantric Buddhist Deity, a Roman God of War or Wonder Woman, you put yourself in a place of receptivity, there is an eternal quality to thought forms and archetypes. You talk to them, you make it known you want to experience their presence within your own body – which is what happens. You crawl inside the idea until you become the idea, you temporarily become that which you are seeking to contact.

It may happen right then and there, it happen during a meditation, it may happen during your sleep and dreams, or come to you when you are at work as a daydream that whisks you away for a few moments.

But you can do this whenever you please with practice. It’s a bit of fun, a bit of a game, not to be taken too seriously.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll talk some more on this yet, and on lucid dreams, and more specifically Gods and Goddesses, and how they can they can be useful to your whether you are religious or not.

“Imagination is greater than knowledge”

wonder woman adam hughes 1












































































link jellyfish article / overself comparison


“What we think of as jellyfish are just one stage of the jellyfish lifecycle. The full story goes like this: Sperm and egg meet in the ocean and form a zygote. Cells divide and eventually form a swimming planula, more or less a larval form of jellyfish. The planula finds a nice spot on the not too deep sea floor and roots itself. The polyp grows into a colony and begins to bud- spitting out tiny but genetically identical copies of itself. These copies are free swimming and grow into what we would recognize as jellyfish.”

Astral Travel, OBE, Lucid Dreams PART#1

avengers__go_the_f_ck_to_sleep_by_sekra-d4t82qt 450

Astral Travel, OBE, Dreams and Lucid Dreams

I will cover these topics over several posts, going into each one and making some suggestions.


During Astral Travel / OBE you don’t really “go” anywhere, but change your surroundings, think of the Universe (at least the one we are most familiar with, for there are probable Universes) as a big old hologram, and our bodies, the earth etc as hologram or as constructs made out of “hard” light, giving the appearance of solidity. As vibration and packets of information that appear solid.

When we dream, things are less solid. We use our inner senses rather than outer senses. When we use astral travel, we don’t really go anywhere, we change our surroundings, we change our focus.

I only mention this here as when I have read of accounts of people “struggling” with OBE’s, there is all this talk around methods of getting out of your body etc.

Now, forget that for a moment and imagine a banana. What colour is it? Yellow perhaps. Now imagine the banana has bright purple skin. Imagine peeling it and take a bite of it.

Now imagine you are eating the same purple skinned banana outdoors in a nice sunny park you are fond of, or perhaps a beach you have been to?

minions banana 1

**[PLEASE don’t read any further until you have done the above imaginary experiment, or the rest of what is here will be useless to you! it will take less than 30 seconds, so please do it.]**


Now, when you imagined the above thought experiment did you see the sunny location instantly? Was it difficult? Did you have to leave your body to get there?

A portion of yourself visited the location you imagined, (if it was a real world location, or perhaps it was an entirely imaginary location) but you did not have to get up from your chair, or walk to the park / beach or leave your body. No such mental gymnastics were necessary.

And so if you practice Astral Travel / OBE the very terms themselves can lead to confusion. I will use the term here though for your convenience. But I want you to remember the park experience, how easy and effortless it was and when you go to sleep, have somewhere in mind you wish to visit before you fall asleep. And know that your astral “travel” will be as easy and natural as the park experience if you intend it to be so.

When you go for adventures, you can let go of your ordinary linear ideas of time, space and distance. Anywhere you want to go, simply go there. The process is instant, you don’t need to use linear travel like walking or driving in a dream, but you can if you wish.

I’m no expert on this topic, so I could be completely wrong. But the various books and teachings on astral travel and OBE to me are very misleading. They use all sorts of archaic terminology rooted in mythic/symbolic language, rather than modern scientific language – and that only further confuses people.

Outdated-Teachers 1

Firstly, EVERYBODY and I do mean every-body has experienced dreams, lucid dreams, and what we call astral travel. The thing is, if you feel like you have not, then you are simply not remembering your experiences, you have set up a block for yourself that is very easy to remove if you turn your attention to consciously recalling your dreams, lucid dreams and astral travels for a while. Your body quite naturally goes through a range of states to heal itself, to rest etc, and when it does your consciousness turns its attention to other realms of existence, to a different focus than your everyday perceived reality.

Once you develop the habit, – and here a dream diary is of much use – then like the muscles in your body that once coaxed back into activity, make it easier for your to move around and exercise after being stiff and inflexible, your dream muscles will get a workout and will effortlessly remember whatever you like from your dream experiences.

In the beginning, if you are intending to practice Astral Travel, don’t put labels on things. Don’t worry about whether something was imaginary, a dream, a lucid dream or astral travel. You can make yourself a bit nuts, and throw doubt on your own experiences by labeling them and doing the whole left-brain analysis thing.

Instead simply TRUST your experiences, and notice what you FEEL during and after them. The literal events of dream content often make little sense to the rational awake logical mind that deals with exterior reality.

But dream content makes PERFECT sense to the inner self, and what you FEEL during dreams is true for you. So trust your feelings, but don’t assume that a negative experience predicts doom and gloom in material reality / your life any more than watching a dramatic TV program where some horrible things happen does. Think about your dreams a little like a good TV show or movie – there is a range of emotions and drama, the full cycle of your emotions once run through has a therapeutic effect on your body while it sleeps, often “bad” experiences will stimulate hormones or release built up tension or energy in your body. Your body knows how to run and heal itself, so trust it always.

I have more to say on this topic in this multi-part series. But I am going to end this one here, to give you small easily digestible chunks of ideas and suggestions, rather than overwhelm you with too much information that will soon be forgotten.

There is a certain art to saying more with less, and usually I tend to error in saying too much and confusing people.

dream car vehicle 1

However, today I will give some suggestions to those of you who are “struggling” to remember your dreams, or feel that Astral Travel is most difficult indeed, and requires more effort than travel on an airplane, ship or car. When you travel by car, you simply do it. You don’t worry about the mechanics involved, you TRUST your car will get you where you are going. Sometimes you travel in familiar territory, and before heading to unknown territory you usually would consult a map.

Well, apply the same reasoning to your dreams. Trust your body, trust your consciousness that “it” will get you where you are going. Don’t get hung up on the mechanics, or fancy techniques, but “simply do it”. Finally, some practical suggestions.


  1. When you go to sleep at night, say out loud, “I intend to remember my dreams”
  2. Other phrases you may find useful “I intend to go to wherever is best for me tonight, and remember the experience in the morning”
  3. “I intend to travel to (name your location) and note what I see there. When I wake up, I will write down the details of what I observe, and how I feel about it in my dream diary.
  4. HOLD your stated intention silently in your mind as you fall asleep. Expect to have the experience you want, and don’t make any demands or judge anything that happens. Simply go with it.


A couple of further suggestions before your dream / astral travel / lucid dream adventures:

*Practice astral travel by going to sleep at night and mentally suggesting to yourself where you will travel, the important thing is the suggestion, and your intention. Your intention held as you relax and fall asleep WILL give you results. But be consistent with it.

You don’t need to do it every night. However, to start with, doing the same exercise 3-5 nights a week, preferably in a row will be most beneficial. Like exercise, you have to coax your lazy dream muscles, and give yourself the suggestion that you will REMEMBER your experiences, and preferably use a dream journal, at least for a few weeks, until you are remembering the majority of your experiences, then you can give the journal a rest if you wish.

I often don’t remember my own dreams, so relax about it. However if I really want to turn my attention to remembering more, I can do so, and so can you.

*Try waking up during the night and writing down what you remember. You can mentally suggest to yourself you will wake up, drink a glass of water before bed that makes you need to get up to urinate during the night, or the least preferred option, set at alarm to wake you up (quite jarring) during the middle of your block sleep. Doing this practice will make a far easier transition from Framework 2 to Framework 1 with better memory recollection.

the_dream_book_by_dparwal-d5ooj2c 1

Quite often you will have experiences that you have forgotten by the time you have to go to work or do other activities in your life. You forget, o mentally block out your experiences when they do not fit with your beliefs about reality, or because you have given yourself the self fulfilling suggestion: “I don’t remember my dreams”. You get what you focus upon, of course.

When you write in your dream diary, don’t label things as lucid dream, astral travel etc, simply record your experiences and feelings verbatim. It is important to record not only the events, but how you FEEL about them. You can also add symbols or simple drawings to your writing to give it more depth and make it easier to recall what you wrote. As you do this repeatedly, you will be able to look back at your dream journal and see different patterns in your life that will lead to greater self-knowledge. How much, how often you wish to do this is entirely up to you. But in the beginning, I suggest the above for at least several weeks for best results.

Oh, and in case you did not get the hint from the pictures, have FUN with your experiences, don’t take them too SERIOUSLY, this can set up another mental block for you and yadda yadda yadda.





“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes”

nights into dreams art 2

I’m going to talk a little about dreams in this post.

I don’t have a whole of experience in lucid dreaming. It is a practice that like many other things in life I learned for a bit, and then moved on.

As a topic it does not interest me a whole lot. But once you put in a bit of practice, it is quite easy to experience regular lucid dreams.

From my perspective, there is no point where dreams end and waking consciousness begins. Sure, you may be in a different state, but just because you change you focus (say wake up and go to work or whatever) the dream state is still there, and you can dip back into it during the day in quiet moments.

One of the interesting aspects of dreams is that what we call time and space generally don’t apply. There are no rules. If you want fly, you can fly. If you want to have a physical form, you can do that, or you can just be pure awareness without form.

You want to visit another planet, another dimension or what have you? Anything you like in dreams.

Lucid dreams mean being aware you are dreaming and perhaps having some influence over the events of the dream.

The Tibetans have been practicing this sort of thing for thousands of years.

Are there practical benefits to lucid dreaming, other than messing around? Sure.

There are benefits here and now as you come to understand more about yourself and your life. You come not to intellectual thought based reaonsing about “who am I” but you come to directly experience more of what and who you are, more of your greater identity, personality and larger self.

Then there are benefits like when you die you will be a in state similar to lucid dreaming. But if you have no experience with lucid dreaming, then you may (temporarily) create some unpleasant experiences for yourself. Heaven or Hell – you decide.

Reading through the many case studies of people who have had near death experiences – some have angelic visions, feelings of warmth, peace, universal love etc, while others have some quite hellish experiences, dark voids, spirals, dark vortexes and all kinds of self-created nonsense.

Now, all experiences are quite valid. I am not judging either of them. But in both cases, heaven or hell, you create that experience for yourself.


Of course if you believe that when you die “stuff just happens” and you go along with it, you may miss the fact that you are creating your own experience. Many people live life that way. “Stuff just happens and I react to it”. They are like zombies shuffling through life, going whichever way the wind is blowing today. No higher thought. Basically like animals. I don’t mean this to insult people, but most of us (myself included) fail to use our own natural abilities and then wonder why we do not feel satisfied in life.

Saying that material world is causing things to happen, rather than YOU are causing things to happen…..


That’s like looking in the mirror and letting the reflection choose your actions for you, or trying to follow your own reflection in a mirror.

Without YOU, there is no reflection.

And so exterior physical reality is the reflection of your projected self upon the world. Insisting that the world is causing things to happen is like saying your reflection in the mirror is living your life for you, making your decisions for you, making events happen. Pure nonsense!

This is the case with many unconscious creators here in this life, and many people carry on the their unconscious creations into their after death states. This may sound judgmental, but I’m just stating “what is”, what people do or don’t do is really none of my business. I don’t care. We all learn one way or another, no life is wasted and there are unlimited chances to practice however we please in life.

So anyway, with practice lucid dreams are a great way to experience the direct results of your mental creations.

Sadly in the modern world, we are often taught to believe how “helpless” we are. I don’t know how many times I have heard “nobody knows what happens when we die, anybody who does is just talking pure bullshit”.

Well I am calling bullshit on their bullshit!

This belief not only encourage us to be helpless and not explore the after death state, but actually labels people who do as crazy or not credible, reliable, kooks, liars etc.

It encourages people not to trust their own experiences of reality.

And viewed through the lens of Science with a capital S, which looks at EXTERIORS, sure it’s pointless trying to “prove” anything to anyone on this topics. Totally pointless. It’s an INTERIOR experience, and the only proof is what you experience for yourself.

Why this need or obsession to take something from interior reality that is not proveable in exterior reality and be so dismissive? I don’t get it. When you die, you’ll have all the “proof” you need, and you STILL won’t be able to communicate it to anyone else, so why even bother trying?

If you like the colour purple, that’s an interior event for you. I don’t see anybody claiming you have to prove you like the colour purple in exterior reality (the physical world) for your choice and experience to be valid or true.

dream cat 2

Anyhow, rant aside – you can endlessly experiment with lucid dreams. You can change not only the events, but the colours, the shapes, the sounds, the textures, you can experience your multi-dimensional senses, which are like your regular bodily senses but expanded beyond imagination. You can experience yourself as form or formless.

With our body, we have the usual sight, sound, touch, smell etc we are all familiar with. And in dreams we have these experiences also. But then there are other senses we have in dreams that we don’t normally use. I don’t really have words for them, but we have all experienced them.

One of the most obvious is that to talk or communicate in a dream you don’t need a mouth or words. Sure you can use that method, but in dreams you are communicating directly with your thought forms, or other carnate or discarnate intelligences, be they of your own creation, or the creation of another entity.

Some people have real issues with who/what they trust in dreams. Particularly when it comes to meeting / interacting with guides, spirit animals, gods, goddesses, alternate selves etc.

I’ve never had any issue with sort of thing. Any overly negative dream experiences have been very minimal in my life. But then if something or someone bothers me, I have no problem in or out of dream saying “Fuck off, you are not welcome here”.

I don’t buy into that the brainwashing that comes up in garbage esoteric books that there are malevolent forces out to “get you” in the Universe. We have enough greed and corruption here and now on the earth, I don’t need to dream about or engage with that kind of energy / thought form.

If you’re having overly negative dream experiences, ask yourself “What purpose does this serve?” Don’t just complain and do nothing.

If there is one thing that pisses me off more than anything, it’s people who whine on and on about how helpless they are, and are unwilling to lift a finger to help themselves, they insist on their victimhood as long as it serves them. They like the emotional charge and attention they get every time they tell their sob story to someone.

But most of my experiences have been with personalities / entities who have been helpful, benevolent or at least interesting to talk to.

I tried for some time to understand people who keep having powerful negative experiences in their dreams, claimed they were under “psychic attack” etc. When I communicated with such people (over the internet), they kept reasserting their powerlessness and victim status. Their experience is REAL for them , I don’t doubt it. The feelings of helplessness can be quite overwhelming.

After a few months, I stopped visiting a particular online community, as a I saw a common pattern of people feeling a need to be a victim, and not really wanting to move out of that state, which they could if truly wanted to. Their victim status served some need or covered up something they were not ready to deal with. And frankly if that is where someone is at, I feel they should get some psychiatric help of some kind, and not get lost in an endless hamster wheel of helplessness and reinforcing those limiting beliefs.

There is no event, whether physical or in dream, no emotion, no thought, no experience which we do not on some level choose to experience.

So if people choose to have overly negative dream experiences, we can make suggestions of things they could do to change their experience, but in the cases of people with very deep trauma in their lives, who refuse to own their own thought forms, then sometimes it is better they work things out with a 3rd party, such as some type of therapist etc.

Sandro_Botticelli_-_La_Carte_de_l'Enfer 1

Also, just because something is “unpleasant” doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it. Life isn’t all rainbows and lollipops. Hiding from our own fears and weaknesses only makes them stronger. It gives power to that shadow aspect of ourselves.

The thing is, well in my view at least, we want to make friends with and accept our own own shadow, our own fears and insecurities, but not dwell on them and increase their power over us. To come to an acceptance of how we are now, but also decide that we can move beyond how we feel in this moment if it causes us significant ongoing distress.

I’ve been very fortunate in my own life that when I have had negative dream experiences, I always recognise them for what they are, usually while still in the dream. Like Neo in the Matrix, you see annoying forces as “Mr Smith” and tell them to get lost, they are not welcome.

Any sort of unpleasant personality I usually just don’t give my attention to, any more than you would a stranger on the street.

But some people seem obsessed with letting in everyone and everything to their own mind. They have an open door policy. I don’t recommend that. Especially if you have issues you are struggling with, then at least have some standards about who and what you interact with, whether awake or asleep.

One of my old neighbors had an open door policy – he would let any idiot into his home – and people would rip him off, steal his shit, he’d buy weed from people and then not pay them, then they would kick his door in and take his TV or whatever he had (which wasn’t much).

He never learned to stop letting the idiots and dregs into his door, or hanging around with undesirables. So I’m saying, whether at home, or in a dream, don’t invite losers into your dreams! If they turn up, tell em where to go! Hit the road Jack!


Your dreams are your own creations, your own playground, your own therapy and yes your own personal hell and nightmares. Dreams are all of these things, but each experience brings with it some benefit. Being free of labeling the experience, and instead asking “what can I learn from this”  shifts us to a perspective of allowing wisdom to flow through us. Asking “what does this experience mean to me right now, why am I having these particular experiences” is a simple filter, a question to ask yourself, and then be receptive to answers that will come in their own time.

I have some more to blab on about on this topic, and will post more in this series, adding links as a I go.


I will talk more about dreams, lucid dreams, entitites, gods and goddesses, symbols and interior events that precede physical events.

Well hopefully some of it will be useful!







Play is its own Good Reason: Seth and Quantum Intentions

marice sendak 1


One plays without reason. And there must be no reason for it. Play is its own good reason – Maurice Sendak


Evolution of consciousness is accelerated by the combination of intention plus attention -David Hawkins


David Hawkins (author of Power vs Force) refers to the evolution of consciousness in very Seth-like terms.

Seth mentions that by “being aware of the possibility of any value or desire, it creates the  possibility of that value fulfillment finding expression”.

So to put it simply:

awareness + intention + action = value fulfillment

We can also add the David Hawkins version here:

Awareness + Intention + Attention = Evolution of Consciousness

We can put these ideas to use however it pleases us, in whatever way is best for us as individuals.

I’d like to say here also, that you don’t need to meditate or do anything fancy to put Seth’s ideas into practice.  We are creating our personal reality all the time whether we are conscious of it or not.

For me meditation is a practice that I have slowly taught myself to enjoy – where I can experiment with probable realities and help to draw certain events into my life. It is a narrowing of focus, while an expansion of self/mind.

It is  change of focus away from the purely physical to the more subtle layers of reality. It is swimming in a quantum ocean of infinite possibilities and probabilities.

At first meditation was just bloody difficult and not enjoyable at all.  When you start to meditate, it is like filling an Olympic sized swimming pool with water and all the dirty laundry you have ever worn in your life so far thrown in.

Doesn’t sound too appealing does it?  Great, now imagine diving and spending hours swimming around in that filth encrusted muck!


Well, that (symbolically) is your own unexamined mind. We grow mental weeds and cob-webs and meditation is like weeding the garden, you go in and you clean house and you allow room for a real garden to grow.

To grow the plants (or ideas) we want, we have to make effort.  But the thing about weeds in our garden (or in your mind) is that they grow all by themselves. And of course you don’t have to agree with any of these ideas , and neither should you if you find any of them limiting in any way.

To me meditation is the easiest way of cleaning up my mind, and keeping my connection to Source (God) open and clean, and not filled up with gunk.  I’m not trying to villify weeds, or dirt.  Dirt is great, and weeds are necessary.

Weeding gives up something to do, and life grows from dirt.  So don’t be afraid to of getting dirty.  Don’t be afraid to do some gardening in your own mind on your way to creating a beautiful garden. Good things grow from shit, so rather than whining about it, be grateful for whatever shit you have to deal with in life, it is the raw material you have to to work with.

However, I get blindsided by physical material events as much as the next person, reality is always full of surprises.

How boring would life be if everything always went according to plan?

We may think we know what is best for us, but the thing is there is always a greater intelligence at work that knows better than we do.

If we trust in life, ultimately events work out for our benefit.  Even painful events ultimately may be experiences we need to go through to fulfill the values we have chosen to embody and express in this lifetime.

Personally I like meditation, but there is no one way or best way to do anything, everyone can find their own way in the art of living with a little consistent effort.

I started many years ago with the most basic exercise that Seth gave in his first books.

Over the years I have read other similar and different methods, but I find Seth’s method of various mental/psychic exercises the most simple to understand and apply.

If I have a name for the process of projecting yourself into a probable future, regarding your goals in life and holding the feeling, over and over again, every day, well I tend to call that process Quantum Intentions.  I don’t have a copyright on that, and relax there is no course to follow.

Quantum Intetions is more than just setting goals, but actively using the power of intention to influence events at the quantum level. Quantum Intentions is just a colloquial phrase, but one that I find useful as I do various types of meditations, at different times of the day, and having that name gives me a specific definable focus.

It is a type of mental “play”, but at the same time you are training your mind to a particular habit. This type of play is fun, but unlike unstructured free form play, it is “play with a purpose”.

Any type of play can be quite therapeutic, be it mental or physical. I am saying that any SETH exercies should be done in a playful mood and not taken SERIOUSLY!

Being overly serious is the death of spontaneity and joy.

mr silly 2



I am not suggesting that free form play has no purpose, but here in this example, when you have things you want to do or be in life, daily mental rehearsal of you most important goals/objectives, the ones you feel most passionate about, that drive you forward and hold value for you – a daily ritual of even 5 minutes will work wonders.

For that five minutes, you must concentrate, or Imagine, with a capital “I” that you have ALREADY achieved your goal or desired state.

This means you make  a mental movie, a theater of the mind in which you are the director, actor, the star and soundtrack composer all rolled into one.  You star in your own mental movie, and playfully imagine you are already in that place you want to be, having already achieved your desired status in life.

This exercise applies to personal qualities such as confidence as well as to more objective goals like “live in a beautiful home” or “sail the seven seas” or “write a cook book”.  In your minds eye, you playfully then imagine the scenario, you involve  all your sense, sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste etc.

You imagine the emotions you would be FEELING had you ALREADY achieved your goal.

This same basic teaching is passed on over and over again from Neville Goddard to Wayne Dyer, from Napoleon Hill to Seth, Jane Roberts to Abraham (Jerry and Esther Hicks) and other authors in the New Thought movement.


At the Quantum Level of reality, all possibilities exist.

All time is simultaneous.

Everything you could ever do or be has ALREADY happened, is about to happen, and IS happening right now.

So when you change your focus through meditation or other states to a probable reality, you are not just imagining ideas, but getting a peek behind the curtain into another reality where whatever you are imagining already exists.

The more you practice this, the more you change your inner feeling tone to match the feeling-tone of that probable reality or event. The greater out awareness expands, the more we see behind the curtain, the illusion of physical reality becomes increasingly apparent and obvious.  Our focus temporarily shifts from our everday body and mind to the probable mind/body of that probable reality.

States of consciousness that at first may seem foreign, scary, unknown or extraordinary become familiar, welcome and ordinary the closer you move to manifesting the desired events and states in your life.


Greg Braden explains the process in the following terms:

Beliefs, and the feelings that we have about them, are language that “speaks” to the quantum stuff that makes our reality – Greg Braden

You think the thought  which leads to an emotion, the emotion leads you to feel something in your body, that feeling in your body, that resonance speaks directly the quantum field, that change of frequency allows you to match up with what you imagine in your probable future event.

You playfully imagine the state from the probable future, and pull that freqeuncy, that body feeling, that resonance into your present moment, and experience here and now.


Not what you think is true or will happen, but what you already FEEL is true will happen, how you feel worthy/not worthy speaks to that field which reflects your own intentions back to you.

Proverbs 23: 7 states is thusly (in the King James Version)

 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he

Many teachings from the Judeo-Christian Bible have ordinary meanings, symbolic meanings and deeper metaphysical meanings that are plain to see for some, but remain obscured for others.


Getting back to the Seth version of this exercise – You hold the feeling of those emotions, from the goal already achieved in your mind for that five minutes, the stronger the intensity of the emotion, the sooner you draw your inner reality already achieved “goal” or event into your outer reality. This is your “thinketh with the heart” – the heart being symbolic of emotions.

Some people also suggest that the heart itself puts out a frequency (electro-magnetic) that speaks directly to the quantum field (all that is). I don’t if that can ever be proven in material Scientific terms, and even suggesting it is misusing the language of Science, but it makes sense to me, so if I take it symbolically, I see no harm in it.

Following this process daily, for only a few minutes, will bring a radical transformation in your life.   This is not “wishful thinking”, but you are creating a waking dream, you are programming your reality in co-creation with your Entity, your Higher-Self.

fractal image 1

Your Higher-Self will help you to “be all you can be”, to borrow that particular expression.

Your Higher Self will assist you to further your own Value Fulfillment.

In the seeds of materialistically motivated external achievements, be they work, money, possessions, land, power etc, is actually Spirits desire for Unlimited Growth.

We are learning bio-machines engineered for greatness.  We are programmed from birth to learn, to grow, to evolve into gretaer intelligence and mental faculties.

There are no exceptions, except the simplest person who outwardly appears “stupid” in your terms, is still quite a genius in their own way.

We may never fully understand another’s chosen path in life, their unique lines of value fulfillment they have chosen to express.  Their unique life challenges etc are quite of their own choosing, who are WE to doubt them and their abilities.

Quite often people get labelled stupid, inferior or not worthy and are then held back by label, that belief they become saddled with, and they start to believe that they can do no more, or be no more as some careless individual early in life gave them the label of stupid or useless, and they have held on to it ever since.

All life is GROWTH.

Even life denied is growth (as in the case of some cancers, where sometimes repressed emotion, or unlived life is given growth through cancerous cells). Life is Growth and expansion.  If you truly look and observe without prejudice, with a clear mind empty of thought, you will see growth all around you, look out your window and know that any plant, tree or seed is growth and life itself.

Now I say to you that YOU are a seed, and you too are LIFE.  For life is what you are, and the seeds of you and your “selves” go on without end.

As you were birthed from your entity, you too  give off seeds of other selves, that you may or may not be familiar with.

It matters not if you contact these other selves, know that they are already a part of you, and that ‘you’ each give and receive and are enriched by one another.

“You can “come awake” from your normal waking state, and that is the natural next step for consciousness to follow — one for which your biology has already equipped you.” -Seth, session 830, “Mass Events”

A quick note here on Value Fulfillment, a term I have used several times in this post and will be exploring more specifically in some upcoming posts more directly:

Value fulfillment is the process of consciousness seeking its utmost potential. It is the inner desire that gives meaning to life on an individual’s terms. It is the impetus behind all expression and existence. Each person’s value fulfillment is based on whatever the individual thinks is important. When you follow your inner ‘blueprint,’ you are truly in touch with your own value fulfillment. By using your innate abilities, by fulfilling your values, you add to the quality of your life and that of the human community and beyond. Every atom and particle has consciousness, and naturally seeks to improve upon itself in a constant state of becoming. That becoming is based on an excitement of spontaneity and play, transformation and durability as well as fulfilling the desire to be more than what it once was. – SETH / Jane Roberts

The more you practice moving into an altered state, the less you will need to use any practical exercises, the artificial mental borders between the physical world, and the non physical world (or Framework 2) melt away, leaving a seamless larger reality of which we individually and collectively are an intricate and indivisible part.


**NOTE:  While Seth gives many exercises throughout his books, a summary of the main exercises is available here, at Gestalt Reality – be sure to download and save the PDF if you want to be able to read them offline. This PDF I find highly useful for reference as the exercises are often inconvenient to locate in the actual books.


Dream Yoga

dream art mythic animal 22

Fantasy wolf by Wood Splitter Lee

Dream Yoga is the ancient art of exploring your dreams.

I’m not going to get too technical on this topic, I use general words, and I will be adding a lexicon soon enough to this blog, but for now I assume you know what meditation, thoughts, emotions, dreams, lucid dreams, astral travel etc mean. If not, that is okay, we will go over each topic in this series of posts.

In traditional Western countries, we often ignore our dreams, or forget we have them at all.

This is no accident, we simply have chosen not to focus on these areas of activity.

But if for whatever reason you want to explore your dreams, and other states of consciousness, then let nothing hold you back!

One of the most famous “dream explorers” or psychic diver if you like was Carl Jung, a man I admire and whose works I have been studying lately.

In Jungian terms there are many symbols and archetypes, and while some of them are useful, sadly this sort of thinking has lead to many books that offer “dream symbolism” by modern authors in the most generic of terms. I think Jung would be somewhat disgusted with that sort of thing. He was as progressive as it gets. But I could be wrong.

I think old Carl like jolly old Seth would tell that you CREATE your own dream symbolism, and that each person is unique.

We should not get bogged down with standardised dream “symbols”.

We all have different unique perspectives on life, and each are valid points of view, no matter how similar or different they may be.

Even a simple object like a table, when viewed by four different people will result in four different, but truthful and unique perspectives. There is no “the table”, only your view of the table. And dream symbolism is no different.

While we have universal archetypes and such, we each have our own rich inner dimensions that are there waiting to be explored like Indiana Jones exploring some forgotten temple of knowledge in an exotic location, no doubt in a jungle, or near a desert.

Now for one person a clock may represent time, or a lack of time. But for someone who works in a clock making factory, the symbol may mean something else altogether – it may represent work, his job, or his desire to leave that job etc.

My point is that we each have our own “dream dictionary” (just a playful term I made up, don’t take it literally) and it is UP TO US to enhance, explore, define and redefine our own inner and outer symbols in life.

I am obsessed with Superheroes, so a dream about Superman, or where I am flying to me represents freedom, but also play and being unrestricted by ordinary circumstances. Flight to me also represents the wandering nature of my soul, and that our essential nature is a formless essence that knows bounds of neither time, nor space. Flight to me also represents being untethered to physical form, physical form being only a temporary experience.

Also, it is just REALLY FUN to fly around in a dream, in a daydream, deep sleep dream, or lucid dream. The experience is joyful, and available to all of at anytime should we choose it.

Sometimes as adults we forget to play.

We get bogged down in being “serious adults” and wave around words like “responsibility”.

Well not so much in my case. As I write these words I am surrounded by cool toys on my PC desk, and posters of various comic book heroes and heroines. If anything I have the opposite “problem” of being too playful (not for me, but from other people’s point of view) and not really wanting to do boring adult things that are often stuffy and dull.

Where were we then?

Yes, dreams!

There are many ways to playfully explore your dreams and I do not know what will work best for you. But I can make some suggestions and tell you of my own experiences.

I tend to have the heart of an artist, but the mind of a scientist – so I do things methodically, but also with passion and spontaneity.

Yeah that means if I am going to really learn something from my dreams I may do something really boring like write them down when I wake up. Or at least the bits I remember.

dream art

Now, I don’t often write down dream stuff, and I have not for over a year or two. I remember the bits that are relevant when I need to, and work with it playfully and such.

But when I decided one day a few years back (after reading some Seth books) to take this topic playfully “seriously”, I simply got a plain text book or journal (whatever is cheap at Kmart), a decent pen and then recorded every dream for 30 days / one month.

Looking at the results, reading the dreams of one or two days tells me… not much.

But looking at a week at a time, then a month at a time, showed definite patterns, motifs and deeper meanings to my dreams that I had not noticed, nor had the insight to understand when I first wrote them down.

So that writing down of your dreams for one month, and then reviewing them looking for meaning, patterns etc is one exercise I really recommend. Give it a go. If it pleases you.

And it is one of the easiest things you can do right away. Start with one week if you like, you don’t have to do a whole month, but I always find 30 days a good time frame to establish a new habit, and I stick with it.

Once you have done this exercise, the side benefit is that you will have prompted yourself to not only remember, but review and recreate parts of your dreams with your waking consciousness.

This strengthens not only your dream memory and recall, but your ability to actually request specific dreams, and even re-enter dreams from your waking state.

Dreams can be many things of course, they may be your own mental creations, another persons dream, another realm/ time/ place / lifetime, or any of 101 other things really.

The details don’t matter so much, you get out of dreams what you put in.

As you explore your own dreams, with practice you can learn to distinguish different types of dreams, different subtle states of consciousness etc. You can learn to prolong a dream, re-enter it, explore your personal meanings and motifs.

Another useful exercise is to just write down some things you really value in life, and then note which of these things crop up in your dreams. And then ask yourself if you are living in alignment with your own values in life, or are there things that you are avoiding (which is basically everyone, we all have ideals, hopes, dreams, successes and failures etc).

You can request a dream on any topic, but I would suggest starting with something that you FEEL very strongly about. Whether it is a topic you really love, or really hate does not matter. Only that you have a strong feeling about it. And I suggest to start with you make it something fun. Like request to dream about one of your favourite hobbies etc.

Why would I want to dream about something I hate?

Well, it is as valuable a learning experience as dreaming about something you love in my mouthy opinion.

How to request a particular dream:

It is very very simple.

So simple that you may over think it, and if you don’t get results on the first night, then just do the same exercise over several nights and you will wake up your “sleepy dream muscles” that may not have been worked out for a while.

EXERCISE: Requesting a Dream

When you are in bed at night, relaxed yet alert, before you turn the light off and go to sleep, say aloud

“Tonight I will dream of [TOPIC] and I will recall this dream in the morning”.

I suggest also recording the dream when you wake up (whether during the night, or first thing in the morning, as often we forget our dreams).

If you have no particular topic or experience you wish to choose, you can modify this to

“Tonight, I will dream on whatever is topic is most valuable to me right now and I will recall the dream in the morning”


“Tonight, I will go to whatever place I need to right now, and recall the dream in the morning”

The words don’t matter so much as the intention, you have to mean what you say, and say what you mean.

Now, you have done several things here.

First, you have consciously stated your intention. OUT LOUD.

Saying it out loud means you are serious, it gives as Tim Allen would say “MORE POWER!” to your words when spoken aloud.

more power tim allen

You also are giving your Higher Self a little poke in the ribs and saying “Hey buddy, I can do this dream stuff, so give me a GOOD dream, or I will be very cranky in the morning, no more of this nightmare stuff okay!”


I have had very few nightmares in my lifetime. The ones I recall were generally after watching scary movies when I was a kid. They didn’t really bother me. I had trouble sleeping for one night as I unknowingly gave attention to my thought forms and paranoia, which was not really about monsters, or anything concrete so much as sense of dread and danger, you know the general VIBE of most horror films – which I actually LOVE as an adult, and find quite fun.

Now, people who have terrible trauma and events in their lives often get nightmares. Not always, but it is a valid therapy for the psyche in my opinion, but I may be wrong. Nightmares break things down into chunk of mind “stuff” that you can process a little bit at a time.

The issue is really if  a person keeps getting nightmares over the years, then it may mean there is things in life they are not dealing with that need addressing. Or it may not. But if you are significantly distressed during the day, and keep getting nightmares, then it would not hurt to talk to someone, perhaps a specialist if you feel you are not able to resolve the issues by yourself.

Nightmares  may also just be repeating loops, like a tape that just keeps playing over and over again, and the person feels they have no real control over it.

You, the living entity must acknowledge that you are responsible for the content of your dreams and nightmares, and if you refuse to do so you may cause yourself un-necessary difficulty where instead you could be enjoying the benefits of practical solutions to real world problems that come to you in your dreams, when you allow them to and don’t block your own inner wisdom.

Did Jesus Really Exist? Christ Consciousness as Mankind’s Natural State

Was Jesus an historical figure?

Was Christ a self-realized and God realized master?

Was (is) Christ a Multidimensional entity that expresses itself through human stories?

The puzzle of who and or what Jesus / Christ was (or is) is a mystery I don’t expect to understand within my own lifetime.

I’ve read far too many contrasting classical and modern accounts of the life of Jesus, including modern day channelers who claim to channel the “Christ entity”, and frankly it leaves me more confused than anything.

However, there a few things that feel “true” to me in a subjective sense when I think, or rather FEEL what to me is the essence of Christ’s teaching.

I don’t know if Christ ever existed in physical terms. I don’t know that anyone alive today can prove or disprove his existence. What I do know is that many people believe in Christ, and he matters in the sense that he is important to many people.

My subjective feeling is that he exists primarily as an idea that reaches into the hearts and minds of humanity through stories. Whether he exists as a non-physical multidimensional entity or not I really don’t know.

While I feel it is fine to believe in something, any idea really that empowers you and inspires you to be a better human being – I feel it is also important to believe in yourself and your own power, rather than always giving up your self worth for a proxy – that is believing that Gods and Godesses are sacred, powerful and divine – but not also believing that YOU are sacred, powerful and divine.

Looking for God outside of ourselves is an exercise in futility. God is outside of us, but also inside of us. There literally is no place in the Universe or all of existence that is without God, it is simply impossible in holographic fractal Universe.

Like a fish swims in an ocean, we swim in a constant ocean of God. We are so full of and drunk on this way of being that we often fail to notice it at all. We hypnotise ourselves into believing in separation, but in this life or any other – we are never alone.

To me, whatever Christ is or was  represents self-knowledge, love, forgiveness, God within man (and woman), and peace of mind. He represents kindness, compassion, living your highest values and being in alignment with your higher-self / God.

The important thing to me in not whether Jesus actually existed or not, but what he symbolically stands for.

Now, every person has their own unique experience with what I will call the Christ Entity, each different flavor or religion or belief system finds verification of whatever they want to believe and then uses the Christ Entity however it suits them.

They may or may not be conscious of the process.

Anyhow, to me Christ represents more than anything else, Universal Love.

What does this bit of airy-fairy business mean?

To me it means not just the love of man but the love of Spirit, the kind of love that transcends mortal form, and to me is not an emotion. But an energy that is both what we are made of, and what we radiate outward to other people when we are in alignment with Spirit. It is not love “for” anything, not a grasping, or lack or emptiness but a fullness of Being, Love simply “is”. If Universal Love was a touchy-feely rom-com it would be called simply “LOVE IS” and it would no doubt be directed by Richard Curtis

Now I get angry all the time. Being able to love does’t mean you don’t still do dumb things, or get angry when people cut you off in traffic and stuff like that.

I probably get frustrated and angry about little things that don’t really matter more often than I need to.

It’s a habit, it’s an addiction of sorts. Anger has a great mobilising energy to it. Try being angry and sitting still. It doesn’t work, anger gets you moving.

But in my heart of hearts, I feel and know that all people, animals, plants – all life is sacred, all life is made of the same “God Stuff” as You and I.

Even my worst “enemy” is actually God. Even the very things I hate most in life are still made of God stuff.

Whether I love something or someone or hate, or feel indifferent toward myself or anything else in the Universe, ultimately any of those states or energies can be used for inner alchemy that reminds me of my nature as God.

Christ then becomes whatever people want to believe in. For those who want proof of life after death they can believe in a resurrection.

For those concerned with human values Christ can represent love and forgiveness.

For those concerned with strength and courage, they can look to Christ who endured all on the cross, who suffered and felt every pain subjected upon his physical form and symbolically suffered the collective pain of humanity.

Yet he still said “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”.

This expression could be interpreted in several ways. The version that makes the most sense to me (I am not saying it is accurate, but it is subjective truth to me) is that those who would harm others, or harm Christ know not their own God-selves, the God in man that lives within them.

If they WERE in conscious contact with their heart of hearts, the seat of their Soul, with the Absolute they would not only have no wish to harm other people, they would be almost incapable of willfully harming another human being, to do so would cause them immense pain as they would be harming someone they loved as they loved themselves.

A human being who not only knows but experiences themselves as God, and all other human beings, and all Life as God, can be said to have cleansed their perceiving mechanism. They are not fooled by external appearances, and understand the root cause and energy of all that exists is the same primordial force and intelligence.

The see not only with physical eyes, but eyes of Heart and Spirit that cut through all deceptions.

I think Marc Gafni put it best when he said that:

Enlightenment = Sanity

To be unenlightened then is a matter of perception and insanity.

To know yourself as a name, a role, as a job or any other label, and to lose contact with your inner being is insanity.

To believe in all sorts of nonsense like eternal rewards and punishments by some mischievous God is insanity.

Like children who believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, believing in all sorts of belief systems as a substitute for direct personal experience of reality (both inner and outer reality, both the mundane and the eternal) is a habit we all eventually grow out of.

The thing is, if we are going to use belief systems as training wheels, we ought to have FUN with them, and not use belief systems as weapons of mass destruction, as reasons to kill each other, because that is truly insane.

“Forgive them Father, for they Know not what they do” – I AM that I AM

Christ Consciousness (also known sometimes as Cosmic Consciousness) means many things.

It means experiencing oneself as the body of the Universe. It means experiencing love for all life and existence at the most profound and deep level in a very personal way. Not as some special reward, achievement, as something to be “gained” or “acquired” – which would be impossible.

Christ Consciousness is a cleansing of your perception, it is a falling away of the errors of perception that cloud our minds and spirit, that cause us to mistake the material reality for absolute reality.

Like dirt on a mirror, once we clean off the dirt, we can see our true reflection. When the dirt is there, we mistake the dirt for WHO we are, and WHAT we are.

We confuse our essential nature with dirt, which is not so bad, as life grows from dirt.

We clean our mirror and then we can see with real clarity, insight and direct perception of our essential nature which is untainted, unspoiled and filled with the fullness of Life, Tao, of Being, of Peace, of Love, of God.

Another way I see Christ is symbolically as a human being who is fully awake, fully conscious of his divine nature. “All these things and more you can also do”

“I tell you the solemn truth, the person who believes in me will perform the miraculous deeds that I am doing, and will perform greater deeds than these, because I am going to the Father.”

There are various translations of this statement, but the part that interests me is not the “believe in me” part – which can be interpreted in many ways – but the part about “performing miracles and greater deeds”. How many people do you know who are performing greater miracles than Christ on a daily basis?

Perhaps they did not “believe” in him enough for the miracles to work.

To me this phrase speaks not to literally believing in some man and gaining magical powers, but the restoration of our inherent knowledge and wisdom. The closer we are to our own divinity, the more “awake” we are. The more our DNA is activated, the closer we move to a Quantum State where what was impossible becomes more than possible, but likely.

I don’t see a lot of Christ like figures running around today, but I assume that potential is there for all of us, because Jesus was not really known for telling big old lies now was he? A story about a a man tells you to believe in yourself and that you can also do what he does who turns out to be a big old liar would be a bit of crap story if you ask me. So I choose to believe the more inspiring versions that the meant what he said.

I find it interesting that in the large quotation below, that Jesus directly addresses his own divinity which is that he is in the father (God / All That Is) and the Father is in him.

It does not get more direct and specific than that.

Yet many people who “believe” in Jesus, refuse to see their own divinity, do not acknowledge the part where they too can do miracles.

“Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me; otherwise believe because of the works themselves. Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.”

To me this speaks to a humanity that is afraid of its own potentials, and still has some shame about growing up as a species. It is hard to say “YES, I AM RESPONSIBLE” for me and my world, and if anything is going to change, then the inner me is where I need to focus, to change the outer me, and the outer world.

Whatever struggles we face as a species, whatever problems we have out here in the material world, if we do not address them at the most fundamental level, then we are doomed to repeat those mistakes, or fundamental errors of perception.

That of our own minds and attitudes, our own behavior, motivation and perception of who and what we are – then we will continue with erroneous thinking, erroneous beliefs and erroneous perceptions, or at least “partial truths” that give us a skewed version of reality.

Enlightenment = Sanity

To me Christ is saying not only Love one another, but Wake Up, Grow Up and face the challenge of living your own life, and awakening and being responsible for your own self, and take care of others along the way.

Please (for the love of God) don’t kill each other for being different, and consider being kind and loving each other because we are all part of the human family, and every person that exists LITERALLY IS GOD.

So please don’t murder god for thinking differently, having a weird hairstyle, wanting to evolve in a different direction than you do etc.

Because you are also God, and the idea that you are not is basically insane.

You could say that God is the ultimate Schizophrenic, having a case of many multiple personalities that like to argue and murder each other, but as each “piece” of God wakes up to itself, it reconsiders the murder and hatred and tries doing something radically different, like loving even those who would try to harm us.

The Christ Consciousness is not an intellectual thing at all, it’s not something you think about or contemplate – it is the open gateway of the heart, the direct perception of yourself and others as God / Life / Tao / Peace / Love. It is not something you “do”, it is something you are, that you radiate and live and be. You could meditate on this topic, and that is fine. But don’t mistake the act of doing something with the “state of Being” that Christ Consciousness implies

Sometimes you may feel emotion, but more often you will simply feel, sense and acknowledge the presence of another person, and the presence of all Life. In that recognition is the joy of living, the joy of being, in that recognition is forgiveness, love, acceptance and peace- all without words or any thought at all.

Christ Consciousness is not some magical state to be arrived at, but a prerequisite for our own personal evolution and our survival as a species. Not recognising who and what we are leads to killing each other. it leads to psychological projections that we have enemies who we must defend ourselves against, and we invent reasons for wars, when the basic reason is we do not know who we are.

If we directly and non conceptually see, know, feel and love each other as God, then who would ever want to kill anyone?

Internal peace, love, kindness, and compassion are not something to achieve in life, but our most natural states of being.

That we can get so far away from our own essential nature, ignore our inner most impulses and hypnotise ourselves into believing otherwise is evidence of how we create the reality individually and en mass that we continually focus upon.


I AM GOD – The God in You

One of the ideas or truths that human beings struggle with is the idea that “I am God”.

What does this mean, this “I am God” business?  Is it a literal truth, or some sort of ego-builder for deluded people?

The statement “I am God” is a literal truth.  It is a partial truth, but it is quite literally true.

All That Is, the impersonal non-physical intelligence that created everything that exists, that some call God, put a portion of itself into the creation.

How big is this portion?  It has no material size, and from our point of view, exists outside of our physical domain. You could call it Quantum Information. It has no shape or size, it has no limit in material terms.

The Universe as hologram is a good metaphor for how every piece, every fragment contains within it the information (or blueprint) for the whole.

If the portion of God that is “us” exists outside of the physical domain, then HOW is it INSIDE us?

Because the god fragment, the portion of God that exists in everything exists in a Quantum State.

So portions of who we are exist as pure Quantum Information, including the portion of us that is God.

While God literally is EVERYTHING, there is also a portion of your Entity, the larger self who sent a fragment of itself to the physical world that then became your present personality / incarnation  – a portion of that Entity that you are leaves a portion of itself outside of the physical dimension.

That portion is sometimes called the Higher Self, or Over-Self, or sometimes the Holy Spirit.

The Higher Self is a part of you that is “God-stuff” and also allows communication with Universal Intelligence, as well as non-physical entities, and the Higher Self is also the “manager” of all your lives, all your incarnations, all your probable selves etc.  You can communicate with your other selves or aspects through the Higher Self.

Despite being outside of what we would call time and space, the Higher Self if not outside of us, but inside of us as Quantum Information. This is alive and intelligent information, it is you, and you are it. The physical body is but an expression of this alive intelligent and self-aware information.

You don’t have to communicate anything at all with your Higher Self, but you CAN if you choose to.

There is no secret technique for doing this.  The key thing to remember is INTENTION.

If you do want to, your Higher Self if you like your personal teacher in this life, it is a portion of you that “Knows“, it doesn’t do reason and logic, it just knows, and it just is.

Consciousness evolves in whatever direction it Intends, therefore having the intention to know and directly experience your larger self, your overall entity, your multidimensional self, is all you need.

If there is a condition that sometimes holds people back from experiencing their Higher Self, the inner God Self, it is perhaps the mental virus of self-loathing, a lack of self-love.

Truly loving yourself means accepting yourself warts and all.  It means you love everything that you are, and have an acceptance of your own nature.

Self-Love is the shortest path to experiencing your Higher Self, which may have appeared as blocked or even non-existent until we learn some very basic lessons in life. But that is a very old energy belief, you feel and experience yourself in any way you choose, right NOW if you want to. The inner doorways are always open.

It does not have to be this way, if you choose to believe you can communicate with all parts of your overall Entity, then you can and in fact you already do all the time.

Of course, building up any sort of belief may hold us back.  Such as the belief that we can not directly experience God here and now.  You can and you WILL, if you intend so.

“Focused intention becomes reality”

There is a portion of you that is always aware of your greater entity, and if you intend to wake up, you will, it only a matter of time and sincere intention.

There is no rush to do anything, you are always loved and always supported whatever your choose to do in life.

Also, it is a little bit scary this idea that “I AM GOD”, it is a bit strange if we are not familiar with it.

The human race has been playing this game of “I am not” rather than I am. I am not worthy, I am not good enough, I am broken, I am wrong, I am sick, I have low self esteem, self-worth and other ideas that we keep playing with.

We get what we focus upon, so do you see yourself as an insignificant speck of dust, or as a powerful God?

Do you see and feel yourself as a unique and one of kind expression of Universal Intelligence destined never to be repeated again, or as some tiny insignificant ant that needs permission to do anything from its masters?

God needs us to evolve. It’s about co-operation and co-creation.

God / All That Is experiences itself through us, if we don’t evolve, it can’t evolve – at least not to its full potential.

It is strange and wonderful and scary to wake up to the realisation that “I am God”.

It can be painful sometimes as well as blissful, and waking up is not enough, we also need to grow up as individuals, and as a species.

We need to continue developing.

We need to “do the work” of living. Some of it is great fun, other parts not so much. But all of it is essential. We can’t cheat anything.

If we need to go through something, or have a particular experience, then so be it.

But remember that you are always loved, and always supported, remember that you are here on purpose, even when it feels like you are not. Remember that in your heart of heart you are not flawed and broken – you are God experiencing itself in an infinite limitless variety of ways.

You are unique and one of kind, essential to the ongoing evolution of the Intelligent dynamic and loving universe. Without you, God is incomplete, YOU ARE THAT IMPORTANT!!!

You are like a single unique piece of a jigsaw in the puzzle of the Universe – without you, remove that piece – and the Universe is incomplete.

Even when you feel terrible, you are still a divine creature with the right to exist and feel wonderful or angry or depressed or joyful or any way you choose to feel.

Nobody can tell you “How to Be”, only you can choose how to be, how to feel, how you experience yourself and relate to others.

You Create Your Reality, Whether You Believe it or Not PART#1

At the heart of the Seth Material is a message that is repeated over and over again.

“You create your reality” 

“You get what you focus upon, there is no other main rule” 

“If you want to change your world, you must first change your thoughts, expectations, and beliefs”

The repeated emphasis and rephrasing is perhaps needed to get across the central idea, because often at first we do not accept new and challenging ideas.

And I have repeated some of these ideas in this post over and over, and with different examples because we are all different, and hopefully you can read as much, or as little of this post as you like to get the main points.

You may wish to read it once and then come back and read it again, as it is not easy to to understand all in one go.

When I first encountered the Seth Material some time around 2002, the idea that I create my reality was as foreign and bizarre as any idea I have ever encountered.

What did it mean?

Am I responsible for the ills of the world?

When I get sick, is it because I choose to get sick?

Why do I fell like all the bad things in my life so far were not something I would choose, that seems like a really dumb idea, WHY would I want that?

These were the sorts of ideas that became me mental self-dialogue at the time.

To jump ahead in time to the present day, the idea that I create my personal reality is not just self-evident, it is my every day reality.

My routine on most days is that I wake up and meditate for around 20-30 minutes in the early morning, preferably before dawn.

In those few minutes, I feel infinity inside of me, I feel connected to what Quantum Physics calls “The Field”, another way of saying “All That Is”.

That morning meditation to me is sacred time where my focus shifts  from the outward facing external reality, to the inner reality of dreams, thoughts, imagination, pure Being, pure Awareness.

It is for lack of a better phrase, “going home” while still in the physical body.

The larger portion of our identity is non-physical, our body is only a small expression of our overall identity, self or Entity.  Meditation then is a way of seeing not only through the eyes of your physical self, but your non-physical self that is not bound by time or space.

The God in your is your true self, and the local expression of that God is your personality, your present incarnation, a term mystic teacher Marc Gafni calls “Unique Self”.

In this state I may just relax and focus on my breath, or quite often run through imaginary scenarios where I have already achieved my goals in life.

You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, causes all experience. There are no exceptions.

Seth, The Nature of Personal Reality, Session 614

This process is not just an imaginary scenario or mental rehearsal.

This type of meditation is a little deeper than just visualising, here you are “acting as if…”.

You imagine you have already achieved your aim or goal, and feel the feelings of that goal or wish already achieved.

Whatever that dream, wish, goal or intention may be, you carry that internal feeling or resonance with you through the day, you Act As If you you have ALREADY achieved your desired objective, and creating that feeling tone in your body helps to draws those probable events into your life.

At first it seems like hocus pocus to our linear rational time based logical minds.

But the more you practice this exercise /state / way of being, the more you directly experience your multidimensional nature, and the more you realise our limitations are those of our own choosing, there is no force in the universe that is coldly forcing you to live a particular life, or experience reality in any way other than that of your own choosing.

There is nor force in the Universe that is forcing you to live a particular life on a particular world.  Each life is of your own choosing.  We incarnate to learn and grow, in a process Seth calls Value Fulfillment (a larger topic for another post).

Greg Braden puts it this way,

“We think thoughts, which create feelings in our body that communicate directly with the quantum field”.

That “feeling-tone” (as I call it) is what interacts with All That Is, Tao, God, the Field, Universal Intelligence.

[write another whole post on just this how to or body heart /mind technology /  resonance/ acting as if]

It is not so much as an exercise, or something to DO as an ancient and universal language that is often poorly communicated in modern terms.

So much so that a follow up to this post will talk exclusively in more depth on the “how to” of what I playfully call Quantum Intentions.

This topic will be the subject of several posts, and I hope that at last one of them manages to communicate something useful to you.

For now, the key point is to remember Imagination, for imagination is the easiest doorway to inner realities and states.  By imagining we can already do something, and feeling the feelings of what that would be like, we have already taken the first steps toward manifest that event, state or feeling.  Sometimes it is not easy, and we can not Imagine the feelings on coommand.  In that case, the easiest thing to do to being with is Imagine / recall a memory of a time we felt really good, or did something worthwhile that felt great, an achievement of any kind.  Bring up the memory, feel the feelings associated with that good memory.  Then let the memory fade, but continue to focus on the feelings.  Take that feeling and add it to your new desire / wish / goal / intention.  Then practice this for only a few minutes each day, holding the feeling, imagining the new event already achieved in as much detail as you like.

That feeling-tone we carry with us throughout the day, it is like a radio signal broadcasting our inner feeling state of not only how we see ourselves, but how we truly feel in our heart of hearts in life, how satisfied or dis-satisfied we are etc.  Here I am not talking about just emotion, but your bodies unique feeling-tone or “frequency”.

We can lie to ourselves and say “I am happy, I have money / health / whatever” – but our inner feeling tone never lies.  Or to put it more simply, our bodies never lie to us.  If we say we are quite satisfied, but deep down we feel and believe that we are worthless, broken, or unworthy, then that deep seated belief will become out dominant feeling tone that we radiate to the world 24/7.

To change that feeling tone means to change the erroneous underlying belief, we do this through practice by playfully imagining we are already that which we wish to be, by practicing this “state” over and over, eventually, like old data on a computer, our old mental program gets over-written “I am not worthy” with our new rehearsed program “I am awesome, I rock!, I love the world and the world loves me” or whatever other value we choose for ourselves.

It takes real work to sort through your beliefs and find out what is true for you.  It may take years, but the key is not to beat yourself up about it.  Just go slow and do whatever you feel comfortable with for now.

Erroneous or limiting beliefs are like weeds in a garden.  If you remove the top, they keep growing back, to get rid of the weed you need to get at the root of the plant.  Beliefs are similar, we often have many intermixed beliefs that may cause us trouble, and the more we explore our own minds, our own psyche, the better we are able to identify limiting self beliefs and remove or replace them with healthier beliefs about ourselves and our world.  Of course if we spend all our time weeding, and no time planting, then how can we expect a garden to thrive?

So I like to spend as little time as possible weeding, and as much time as possible planting new mind-expanding, reality expanding ideas in my garden.  If I am going to weed, then I will focus on the big weed, and not every little weed in the garden because that would take up all my time.

This frequency or feeling tone projected from your body is not a mental act, but a state of resonance that projects outward and inward.

Whether playing a game of tennis, or working towards living in a nicer home or neighbourhood, all the events, circumstances and states of our lives can be fast tracked quite easily through what Wayne Dyer calls “The Power of Intention”.  Dyer’s teachings on the Power of Intention builds on Neville Goddard’s “The Power of Awareness” book.  Both are classics on manifesting and frequency, and both teachings are compatible with Seth’s teachings, and in my subjective experiences were necessary to help me gain a deeper understanding through direct experience of the the topic.

We hold a thought in our mind, we playfully imagine an event in our minds eye, and the deeper we go into that imaginary scenario, it produces feelings in our body that change our internal frequency.  Imagination is Quantum Stuff.  You are manipulating unseen probable events.  You are interacting with possible realities, and helping to narrow the choices down to what will play out in your life.

If we want to match up with a goal, dream or plan, first we need to imagine having already achieved it, the more detail the better.  What would it feel like to have already completed this task?  What clothes am I wearing?  How does the air smell, is the day warm or cold?  All of these are not essential, but the more “real” you make your imaginary scenario, the more fully you paint your blank canvas with your minds creation, the easier it is to feel what it feels like in that imagined future state.

Smaller things in life we tend to get done without any formal exercise.  Larger projects in life take great will power, hard work, determination, but also a relaxed attitude of allowing God to direct us to that which is ultimately for our own benefit, even when we may feel we want something different at the time.

By doing this exercise repeatedly, say once a day for five minutes as Seth recommends, with full concentration, alertness and intention we change our inner feeling tone or frequency to match up with the imagined probable event.

We speak what Greg Braden calls “The Lost Language of God” this language is one of symbol and feeling-tone.  The more we practice specific feeling tones, the better we are able to communicate with the Quantum Field, with the portion of us that is All That Is.  Another name from Sacred Geometry is The Language of Light.  This language is a primal language of intelligent coherent self-organising information, full of intelligence and structure, the language of light communicates with everything on the material plane through mathematics and geometry.  It is not a verbal language, but one of Quantum Information.

Have you ever have the experience of wanting something so badly, but feeling not worthy?  This the is the state that needs to change.  To fulfull our own lines of Value Fulfillment, we need to change our inner state to one of grace, to a state of allowing the free flow of the abundance of the universe.  We move into alignment with our own highest ideas and imagine the greatest version of ourselves we can dare to imagine.  Feeling unworthy sabotages the process.

You will still get results with Imagination and daily action, but they will be mixed if the signal you send out to the universe is “I want this, but I feel I don’t deserve it”

Wanting, as an internal state also suggests a state of lack.  If we want something, we should move from a state of “wanting” to “Being”.  We imagine we have already achieved the goal, of already possess the state, quality of object which we crave, by moving into the state of Being, rather than wanting it says to the universe that we know what we truly want, and we feel in alignment with it, rather than feeling it is something outside of ourselves.

It is fine to start from wanting, but at some point we need to move from wanting, to Being.  To feeling the wish already fulfilled.

There are no events in life that are not interior events.  If we imagine something beyond our capabilities, or as impossible, we are saying to the universe that we are separate from God, rather than one and the same.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

We each are then God, but with a unique perspective.  Every human perspective is unique, every face of God is essential to the holarchy of the universe.

When you imagine yourself as something other than God living in human form, you send out messages that suggest lack, powerlessness, worthlessness.  We each are creators and co-creators.

The perception or belief of “lack” or “worthlessness” is an erroneous one, it may be true in the relative sense, it may FEEL real, but it has no absolute truth.  We are creators whether we want to be or not.  It is not a choice, but an essential element in the design of the conscious dynamic living interactive universe of which we are intimately entangled.

Well, that will do for now.  I have split this post up in to two parts, to make it a little easier to digest.

The second part will be up soon, and I hope you enjoy it and find something useful you can apply in your own daily life.


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